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I should really do this more often!

2 Sep

I would learn  and understand more about it if I do…so I will try!

Not much quilting going on.  My cousin is  visiting and we drive down to visit one of her ex’s.  He happily lives in Kalama, WA in a beautiful old craftsman home.  It is decorated with antiques and lots of interesting things.  His mom has recently gone to an assisted living facility and so he is going through her things.  Guess what she has an old Pfaff 🙂  Well I had to test it out and make sure it still sewed!!  Imagine that!  What a sweet little machine.  It sewed a great stitch.  I didn’t have much time to play with it.  I didn’t manage to twist the dials to get any fancy stitches but it straight sewed and zig zagged just fine.  I think it was a 230 Pfaff, I could have the number wrong.

It was great fun and a visit to several antique shops made it interesting.  The high light was our stop at ShipWreck Beads.  I told Kathie, my cousin, that it was overwhelming!!  What a fun time!!  My friend Thelma ( Tangled Threads Quilt Shop) had gotten a beaded needle case as a present.  It was so beautiful!!  Well I found the book describing how it was constructed, and a few other patterns to.  I was hooked.  I got some things to make one, or several 🙂  How do you decide on color??  Come on…we quilters love them all…so I got several instead of just 2 or 3 to start with.  I tried to follow the pattern on what I thought was a simple one…..BEEEEP …..Wrong!!!  I had to figure out a few beading instructions from a couple of friends, thanks friends, and then had to figure out my own methods.  We all tweek crafts to fit our own style…Well I have the bottom of one, with my own pattern done!!  Yaaaaa.  Now to do the top and bottom and finish it off.  It’s not perfect but it’s mine!

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a new camera…lost mine somewhere between Bellingham and the Florida Keys.  Another story for another time.

Happy Crafting,